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Remember Earth


I offer a variety of workshops:

I offer a unique and natural teaching style, which can be specialized and tailored for each individual or group.


*Nature as our guide: connecting with nature

*Finding Balance: frequency, vibration, harmony

*Next Level Awareness: finding a balanced perspective

*Our 5? Senses: in-depth exploration of our senses

*Living with Karma: action, reaction, causation



Therapy sessions can include:
sound therapy, nature/wilderness therapy, restorative therapy, yoga nidra, mantra, guided meditation, writing exercises, art therapy, and perhaps other ways of inviting clarity and balance. My goal is to teach you the skills to practice on your own, and for you to recognize your own connection with nature, and truth. My approach is direct, yet simple; I focus on what we all have in common rather than our differences, inviting a sense of unity and balance within ourselves, and also within the larger world in which we live and participate.

Each class starts with a short meditation, then can include a variety of talking points, practices, contemplation, activities, questions, and whatever else might come up. I like to end with a short mindful moment and/or asana practice. Each class is about 2 hours.


200hr CYT, emphasis on nature therapy, sound therapy, and mindful meditation

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