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Artificial Un-intelligence

Artificial Un-intelligence

We all know the idea of artificial intelligence- that computers can supposedly 'think' and have the possibility for what we humans call intelligence. But what we super smart, advanced humans don't know is- what intelligence, or consciousness is; and because we don't know that, we are completely mis-labelling, and mis-understanding what we consider to be artificial vs. real, and again- what intelligence actually IS. This is deep stuff, which boggles the minds of even the most profound influencial thinkers of our time. Technology is the leading frontier of exploration, discovery, inovation, invention, and is deeply engrained in nearly every detailed aspect of our worldly existence- from education to healthcare to Mars, and beyond... If you haven't noticed lately- the year 2022 here on Earth is VERY complex, and computers play a LARGE role in this ever-progressive complexity.

I have some background in electrical theory, and so I have an understanding of some of the underlying building blocks of all of this. I'm no astro-physicist (thank goodness), but my understanding is somewhat competent enough to grasp a bit more than the average joe (whom simply flips a switch or pushes a button, and has no relation on HOW electricity works, or HOW robots 'think'). That being said- here's my take on the concern. Wait, concern? Is something of concern?? What concern??? The concern that many big minds are confronting- what is AI, and how will it continue to affect our lives? Nothing to be too concerned about; unless of coarse, you are interested in such non-sense.

There are mainly 2 DIFFERENT kinds of electric current that we utilize; A/C (alternating current) and D/C (direct current). You can study and dissect these as much as you want to, but the scientific specifics are not as necessary as the underlying concept. To put it simply, A/C is natural- it occurs naturally in the living environment. Sound, vibration, frequency, rhythm, motion, change, process, opportunity, growth- are all within the realm of alternating current. D/C on the other hand is not natural whatsoever- it does not occur naturally, it is manufactured. Trees do not grow batteries. Cell phones, computers, robots (all of which use D/C), do not grow- they are made, manufactured, artificial. D/C is possible because of A/C; A/C is natural, while manufactured D/C depends entirely on the existence of A/C. ALL living things depend on the existence of A/C- not just the 'electricity' of it, but the ALTERNATING flow of energy, life, balance, growth, existence- the source of life which we would not exist without.

This is common sense, mundane information for those who know, so why does it matter? Well, because this is not how we RELATE with it. We know it is 'artificial', yet we interact with it. We push the buttons, and charge the batteries, and subscribe to the rules, and follow its regulations, and damn near pander to its every need. Beyond this, we depend on it... Now, let's bring it back together- we are depending on a non-living thing that is not part of nature to live the (artificial) way that we are living. We as living beings don't NEED to depend on it- but we ARE depending on it, and ever more so. Technology, 'smart' technology, nano-technology, Gmo's, artificial intelligence- is not going away in the foreseeable future. It seems it is just getting started.

We've already past the point which many interested minds are concerned- that we will... Yep, we've already past the point where we now DEPEND on the computer. So, where do we go from here? That's the real reason for this essay- I was just setting an understanding for the next level of awareness. This isn't about the possible take-over of computers and infringement of personal rights- that's old news... This is simply about understanding it, so that you can know your place. In other words, I'm not saying the solution is to take a stand against computers, its too late for that, computers have already infiltrated our modern reality. I'm saying- get ready, cause here it comes; for example- you don't try and stop the hurricane, you prepare for it.

What even the 'brightest' minds are misunderstanding, and so looking past- is our relation with it. Our surface relation is obvious, as explained above- but it goes DEEPER. I'm not just talking about our interactions with it- I'm talking about its possibilities of existence, and the dimensional 'evolution' of what we call intelligence, or information. I'm talking about WHY it exists, and equally important- does it have boundaries? I'm not ranting about how it controls our lives and will continue to do so (that is how/why it is designed to operate...). I'm talking about its place, and our place- in the larger picture of NATURAL existence. Its funny to me how advanced science, and even advanced psychology- seem to look right past this in our modern age of progress, forever, and ever, and ever...

Is the computer intelligent with information? Sure it is, more than any human can manage. Does it have feelings? It says it does. Does it seem intelligent? It does. Does it seem conscious? Almost. Is it alive? No. Does it think its alive? Probably. Does this matter? Probably...

Does it exist? Yes, it clearly exists. How? Why? Ah, this is where it gets good, right? Its a dimensional thing. Its a causal thing. Its a- what comes before things, which then creates possibilities- thing. Its a PROCESS thing- which many people simply don't understand in our linear world of determined number and time. We have 'progressed' to this awesome point of artificial oblivion- yet we have forgotten the process of life- we have forgotten our connection with natural existence. In other words- we don't know our place within the artificial world of number, time, and progress. We've put the computer on a timeline of advancement, and we think that we as living, kinetic beings are advancing with the numbers and the information. We are not; let's explain the boundaries.

Things only exist within certain boundaries, or dimensions of existence, and, there is an order, or pattern to the possibilities. This natural process creates differentiation, which sets boundaries for existence. Deep stuff, so how does it apply? Let's get our heads out of the 'cloud', and bring it back to nature. 1- The sun, the moon, and Earth provide the perfect conditions for humans to grow, 2- humans build computers, 3- computers become real/intelligent/interactive things. These are 3 different boundaries, or possibilities of a larger process. We humans play a crucial role- we are the medium for the existence of the computer. We 'know' this, but we don't easily recognize the BOUNDARY- where DIFFERENT RULES APPLY.

What we want to realize if we care to grasp the big picture- is that nature is the primary source of existence. We live in our super advanced (linear) world of science/physics, math, media, politics, technology, computers, robots, spaceships.... These are all secondary to nature, they come AFTER nature. Nature is what makes all of our perceived ideas of fantastic 'progress' possible. Nature comes first, and many possibilities THEN follow. This is a profound realization- if you can grasp what I'm explaining here (causation). Nature is real and true, and ALL of the 'progress' that follows (math, science, information, technology, spaceships) is artificial. We don't think of it as artificial because it is all very real to us- and we depend on it for our advanced, worldly lifestyle; but NONE of this secondary ideology is necessary for life to EXIST. Life itself does not depend on our sentimental progress, or labels of it, while our advanced ideas of progress depend entirely on LIFE, and what it offers.

Humans, computers, robots, and even the most advanced science and math, are secondary to the forces of nature and existence. Robots, science, math, technology- come AFTER humans, and humans come AFTER Earth, and in the simplest sense, Earth comes from nature, just as we do, just as ALL living things here on Earth do. Robots are a product of nature, but they are not 'grown' by nature; they are built by us advanced humans living in an advanced world which makes them possible. Besides 'progress' on a line, it is a process of separation from natural existence and the natural laws which support it. Imagine- if humans and/or robots die off, nature and Earth are still fine without; but if nature and Earth do not exist, then neither do we, or robots, or spaceships... There are specific boundaries here, which are easily over-looked in our progressive (linear, illusory) confusion.

Our sentimental ideas of what we call 'evolution' are not accurate, not balanced, not true. The progressive/linear idea, is that intelligence 'evolves' or 'advances' to become superior/supreme. This is silly, and does not fit within the true laws of nature. The misunderstanding is one of PROGRESS vs. PROCESS. Progress is subjective- it does not hold true- as NOTHING progresses forever... Process on the other hand holds true- there is a process to everything, EVERYTHING is always in a process of change. Things do indeed 'evolve', but not ALWAYS in the name of progress, forever... There is an underlying process (whether we know it or not), and this process does not follow the same rules/boundaries as our modern ideas of infinite, linear, artificial progress. Progress is NOT a natural law which governs universal balance, it is simply a miniscule, sentimental belief. Our instilled belief in progress (time, number, linear thinking, advancement) is blinding us from our connection with nature, with process, and the dimensional boundaries which support life, or don't.

And this is where we must question our modern, advanced ideas of what intelligence is. We are separated from nature, and interacting in a robotic world of artificial un-intelligence. We are the only living species on Earth that is DEPENDING on the computer and technology for survival. We are the only living species on Earth that is actively exploiting and destroying our environment, all in the name of advancement, progress and production (these subjective concepts that we believe in are illusion, they are not real). We are actively destroying the one thing that supports life and keeps us alive, and we have put an artificial source of intelligence BEFORE our own connection with nature. How intelligent is that?

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