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Steps of Awakening (self-realization)

Steps of Awakening (self-realization)

I suppose there are many layers of awakening, but this is perhaps a start, or a beginning. What I'm talking about is an awakening to a different reality- a deeper truth. As weird as it might seem to some, it is indeed a common thread throughout mankind's short history (politics, religion, philosophy, science, psychology). It is also a somewhat controversial idea throughout history, as power and control are what is at stake. One thing is for certain- the 'powers that be' are conducting a DIFFERENT reality than one of truth, and 'they' or 'it' don't want you awakening to the facade. Why not? Because then 'it' loses control. We can call 'it' whatever we want to, but the point is- once you awaken, you FIND your true self, which is what all of us are ultimately searching for- a connection with self, a connection with truth, and a connection with LIFE. It sounds kinda creepy, like we are living in a nightmare... perhaps, it is time to wake-up from this nightmare...

Step 1. Invite the idea that you are confused, distracted- lost. This is not easy, as we are not taught to think or act in such ways. Instead, we are taught to be sure of ourselves, believe in ourselves, and defend ourselves. This is a facade. It is our ideas/beliefs of ourselves which keep us confined to non-truth. Inviting the idea that you might NOT be supreme opens the door for separation from self, and separation from the false ideas attached to self. The easy way to practice this is by recognizing that it is not your fault that you are lost. You (and all of us) have been misguided. You don't need to defend yourself for this, but rather- you need to realize and accept that you have been misled, and you are lost in a false world. This is the first step in breaking down the false you, and inviting change.

Step 2. Separation from self. This is not easy, and most people will not ever do it. This is why step 1 matters- if you cannot invite the idea of the unknown- then the known continues to be dominantly known- dominantly. Separation from self does not come easily. It is not practiced in society, so it feels scary and intimidating. Separation from self (or ego loss as it is sometimes called) opens the door for connection, connection with SOMETHING larger than self. Separation must happen before this new connection can happen, as connection isn't just a state of mind like our defensive beliefs are- but a state of being. You and your beliefs are NOT the most important thing... and releasing this defense of righteousness is not easy to do.

Step 3. Connection with Earth, nature, and truth. IF one can separate from self, then this makes room for connection with truth- as opposed to false ideas (beliefs) of it. We all share a common truth- if we could just drop our guard. IF we can drop our guard and separate from its limited boundaries, THEN we can accept our true place of being. This doesn't come with perceived and sentimental belief, or the defense of it- but the opposite- our biased beliefs have no place in this realm of truth. You won't find connection with life by skipping steps 1 and 2. One MUST disconnect from false self, to realize and accept true self; and because most people will never disconnect from false self, they will not discover their true self. (Most people don't even know about false self, its an odd concept really, which seems to only make sense once you've experienced it.)

This process of self-realization is not easy. Why is it not easy? Because our social norms do not support it; our worldly environment does not support it. Our inner growth coincides with our outer growth, or in other words- our individual awareness depends on our social awareness. The mundane world has MADE you who you are. Who are you? You are whatever the world has made you to be, and until you realize this- you will continue to be whatever the world has made you to be. But once you begin to recognize the world as it is, and begin to recognize yourself as you are in the world, then you can find balance in this subliminal contrast. There is a you, that the restricted world does not make. This is the YOU that you want to discover and get to know, because this YOU is not the restricted worldly you, but ALL. By disconnecting with the FALSE you, you can connect with the TRUE you- but you won't KNOW true you, until you know the FALSE you. Nobody 'wants' to know their false self- which is why it is not easy to recognize and accept your false self in a world which supports it, and requires it of you.

There are some ideas and ways to practice disconnecting with self, some of them quite worldly, and some of them natural. Nature is a perfect practice, as it is naturally un-biased and true. Natural psycho-active substances are known for helping one separate from false self, and this is why such practices can be 'scary'. Interestingly, science and psychologic studies are now embracing this possibility for 'health and wellness'. Call it what you want- but it is nature doing the magic- not the science or psychoanalysis; simple nature, just doing what it does naturally for some millions or billions of years now...

If we look at the 3 steps together, and decide to trust them- we can recognize a solution. The solution is the end-goal, which is a connection with nature, as nature IS our connection with life and existence. If we can drop our false ideas of world, and invite the simple truth of nature- then we are practicing finding a connection with our true self. Before the world made you who you are- nature made you who you are. The worldly you is false and biased with loads of baggage and labels to defend, while the natural you is your true you. The worldly you has many different 'opinions' about things, while the natural you has a CONNECTION with ALL things. This natural you is what we ALL have in common. This natural you does not depend on you defending yourself like your worldly you does, but rather, the release from you defending your worldly (false) self. By releasing yourself from the false you that you have unknowingly become- you can discover a you that is much more CONNECTED with truth.

Your name, is NOT your true you.

Your beliefs are NOT your true you.

Your accomplishments, are NOT your true you.

Your self, is NOT your true you.

Your true you is nameless

Your true you is wise

Your true you is free

Your true you is all, not that YOU are all, but that you are connected to all that is, if you care to be. YOU are not supreme, but rather, a possibility of it. YOU are not all powerful, but rather, accepting of it. Your true you is not the defense of yourself, but rather, a release from such defense. This release from defense invites acceptance, which FEELS different than defense. Once you are not defending yourself, you have the ability to accept yourself, accept truth, accept life, accept freedom. But don't just take my word for it- give it a go!! That's why its called SELF realization!!

One love, Two dimensions, Three steps to self-realization.

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