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The 5? Senses

Our senses help us to take in information from the environment in which we live, or simply, the surroundings that we are experiencing at any given time. And because our environment changes, our senses change, which then affects our emotions. Our senses are individual, they are our own; we don't share our senses. I cannot possibly taste exactly what you are tasting, nor will we hear the exact same sounds. In this way, our senses are our individual connection with the outside world. Our senses are our OWN way of analyzing the natural world in which we live, and also, the un-natural world as well... Recognizing our senses invites a balanced awareness between these two realms, which in turn can help us to navigate our complex environment with wisdom and understanding.

Sight: The eyes depend on light, received by the sun and the electro-magnetic field. Our eye sends and image or information to the brain, which then excites our thoughts, which affects our emotions. There are reasons why we see, yet we do not all see the same things; our sight is our own, and our thoughts of them are our are own, for the most part.

Sound: The ears pick up vibrations in air. This is a natural occurrence in our 'radio' environment- our inclusive atmosphere which surrounds Earth and supports life. There are reasons why we hear, yet we do not all hear the same sounds; our hearing is our own, and our thoughts of them are our own, for the most part.

Taste: The mouth accepts food of all kinds and manners. Some foods have a pleasant taste, while others have a not so pleasant taste. There are reasons why we taste, yet we do not all taste the same tastes; our taste is our own, and our thoughts about them are our own, for the most part.

Smell: The nose 'smells' particles/aroma in the air. There are pleasant smells, and unpleasant smells, and many in between. There are reasons why we smell, yet we do not all smell the same smells; our sense of smell is our own, and our thoughts about them are our own, for the most part.

These first four senses are similar in that they are very much our own- we don't share them, besides maybe some of our experiences of them. We might both like the taste of the pizza that we are sharing... But before our compatibility of experience- is our own senses, taking in information and creating our relations with it. Nature has 'reasons' for developing these senses- because they work in keeping things alive and in relation with their surroundings/environment. Our senses, when working properly, help us to CONNECT with our environment by ACCEPTING the incoming information. Sight comes to us, then we analyze it; sound, taste, smell, COMES to us, and THEN we analyze it. These are INWARD, we ACCEPT the incoming information. So now, let's explore the sense of touch...

Touch: The sense of touch? We touch many different things, but unlike the other senses- why is it that we can all touch the same thing? Why is the sense of touch, not our own? Because there is not a 'sense' of touch. We touch many many things, but we often don't recognize our own feelings. We often don't know how to FEEL our feelings. In other words, touch is not a reciprocal sense, it is missing something; it is missing the path back, the receiving. Touch lacks the communication that the other senses offer. Touch is NOT a sense, and I wonder why we call it a sense, when it lacks what makes a sense, a sense.

The sense of touch does not make sense. It is not taking IN information like our other senses- but rather, is projecting information/thought. Touch is not accepting- it is forceful/subjective/outward, and because we do not know how to practice the sense of feel- we practice, and act, and defend our false sense of touch. I FEEL like I am explaining this to a robot rather than a living human- and, considering I am pushing buttons on the computer of algorithms, I really am explaining this to a robot... How did we 'advanced' humans become so disconnected from ourselves, and our environment?? Well, to put it simply- because we practice 'touch' as one of our senses, and we depend on it to defend ourselves in a false reality. We've been taught how to touch our world- yet we don't know how to feel ourselves, our emotions, our environment.

Example: We can all 'touch' the same thing, but we all FEEL something a bit different. We can practice this sense of feeling, and begin to recognize how our feelings are different from the idea of touch. We touch everything around us- with labels, beliefs and 'touchable'/forced relation and projection. The opposite of this touching and labelling, is to simply let the world show itself as it is (which can actually be quite terrifying). We do not need to label our sentimental beliefs and defend them with our false sense of TOUCH, we can simply invite and accept different perspectives. This is a different way of 'seeing' the world, a different way to RELATE with our ever-changing environments.


Because we are living in false relation with our surroundings and our environment. Or to imagine it a different way- one of our senses is not working properly, it is not bringing in information like it wants to, and is capable of. So why does this matter? If we can repair our connection with this lost sense of feel, it has the possibility of opening OTHER senses which we don't easily know about.

Perspective: The ability to see things from different angles, inviting a clearer/truer understanding. Our perspective influences our view of the world, and how we relate with it, and how we ACT within it. A balanced perspective brings balanced understanding and relation with our environment- not just the artificial world of endless information, but also the natural realm of balance and truth. So often we relate with secondary (artificial) information, rather than the actual occurrence- the actual observation of what is happening, and how we RELATE with it. Perspective has a quality of balanced relation that perception (thought/belief/touch) does not have. Balanced perspective does not come by touching things (projection), but with feeling things (acceptance). Perspective is like a 6th sense, but not everyone has it... This is because our sense of feel is not bringing in information properly to UNDERSTAND how we RELATE with nature and TRUTH.

Intuition: the ability to CONNECT with our senses and properly analyze and navigate our environment. Even this vague idea of intuition does not give it proper justice, as intuition is so much deeper than our mere image/perception of our modern pop-culture based, mundane reality. Intuition is not a product of our perceived beliefs, but a process of relating with common truth- the guiding principle of balance and existence. 'Something' (other than biased media) is guiding us to truth, if we can just access it- perhaps this is intuition. Intuition is like a 7th sense, but like perspective, not everyone can access it. This is because our sense of feel is not bringing in information properly, and so our perspective is not clear, not balanced. It all stems from our disconnect with our sense of feel, and our disconnect with our environment. The idea of touch, the ACTION of touch, has done more damage than we can easily recognize in our modern world, which depends on it for production, profit, and progress, forever... What we have lost in our modern world of progress, is our connection with process.

As we develop a relationship with our senses and become aware of our environment, we begin to see things differently- we begin to RELATE differently. This is a natural process, shared with ALL living things on Earth. Nature changes, and moves, and grows. Although this change can be scary at times and difficult to keep up with, analyze, take in- it is natural. The reason things change is simple- because nature depends on balance. Everything is naturally seeking balance, so things 'change' to reciprocate balance. Our senses, when accessed and utilized properly, keep us in balance with our experiences, with nature, and a life of existence.

Take-away: We all 'know' our senses in relation to our ill sense of touch, and in doing so, the suppression of feeling. We must release this false sense we call touch, and invite our sense of feel. It is our sense of feel which brings an entire new relation with our environment. It is a different way of SEEing- a truer way of being, and accepting the possibilities of harmony. To imagine it a different way, touch is masculine/action- and feel is feminine/re-action. It is this opposing/balancing force which brings an entire new perspective, because ALL of our senses will bring new insight when we RELATE with them this way. It is our sense of feel that is not working properly, which is causing imbalance in our sense of perspective. Our other senses are working fine, for the most part- it is our sense of feel that we must recognize and practice. How does that sound make you feel? How does that sight make you feel? How does that taste make you feel? How does that smell make you feel? What are you touching with your determined mind, and to give it a fair and balanced chance to respond and take in new information- how does that make you feel?

It's an odd sense really- the false sense of touch. Try practicing its opposite, the sense of feel- it has something more to offer, and I imagine you will begin to see the difference, I imagine you will begin to FEEL the difference. Getting 'in touch' with our sense of feel invites a different way of thinking. It offers the ability to navigate the illusory world, and invite the secret realm of truth and understanding. Why secret? Because we live in a world that only knows how to touch things. Truth and understanding do not exist in this illusory world, so there is no need to look for them there. Instead, you must put yourself in the place where they DO exist- and then they will become available to you. We do this by releasing our false sense of touch, and learning how to feel. We do this by releasing our defenses, and inviting relation. This might mean NOT choosing sides, and rather- accepting things the way that they are. This isn't always easy to do in our modern world of defense and righteousness, but the result can be truly liberating. The release of our defenses IS the invite of connection with truth; and the way we DO that, is with our lost sense of FEEL.

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